Everything equals time.

Whenever you acquire or do something new, you lose space for something else in your life. 

Whether it is the time you spent earning money to purchase the new item or the time you no longer have for the existing things in your life- everything you own/do eventually becomes a trade-off.

When new items break, do you have the time to fix or maintain it?

When you start a new hobby, commitment, relationship… do you have the time to do it well? Do you want to do these new things more than what already exists in your life or does it become a chore compared to what you already have?

In a finite world with limited resources, each time you desire something new, you will be forced to give something else up.

Although this trade-off is quite obvious, when you start to accumulate more things, it becomes much harder to consciously manage those trade-offs.

As a practice in my life, I’m going to start asking myself… if I get (insert item) or commit to (insert activity), what am I willing to give up? 

If it does not seem worth it, I can more effectively manage my time and resources to concentrate on what seems most important.

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